Additional Labels

You can add additional labels to Cloudprober metrics using two methods:

  • Probe level config field: additional_label
  • Through an environment variable: CLOUDPROBER_ADDITIONAL_LABELS.

Probe Level Additional Labels

You can add additional labels to a specific probe’s metrics using probe-level config field: additional_label. An additional label’s value can be static, or it can be determined at the run-time: from the environment that the probe is running in (e.g. GCE instance labels, or location), or target’s labels.

Example config here demonstrates adding various types of additional labels to probe metrics. For this config (also listed below for quick rerefence):

  • if ingress target has label “”,
  • and prober is running in the GCE zone us-east1-c,
  • and prober’s GCE instance has label env:prod.

Probe metrics will look like the following:

 total{probe="my_ingress",ptype="http",metrictype="prober",env="prod",src_zone="us-east1-c",host=""}: 90
 success{probe="my_ingress",ptype="http",metrictype="prober",env="prod",src_zone="us-east1-c",host=""}: 80
probe {
  name: "my_ingress"
  type: HTTP

  targets {
    k8s {
      ingresses: ""
      namespace: "default"

  # Static label
  additional_label {
    key: "metrictype"
    value: "prober"

  # Label is configured at the run-time, based on the prober instance label (GCE).
  additional_label {
    key: "env"
    value: "{{.label_env}}"

  # Label is configured at the run-time, based on the prober environment (GCE).
  additional_label {
    key: "src_zone"
    value: "{{.zone}}"

  # Label is configured based on the target's labels.
  additional_label {
    key: "host"
    value: "@target.label.fqdn@"

  http_probe {}

(Listing source: examples/additional_label/cloudprober.cfg)

Global Additional Labels

You can also add labels to all metrics exported by cloudprober using an environment variable: CLOUDPROBER_ADDITIONAL_LABELS. You can choose a different environemnt variable or disable this behavior completely by modifying the additional_labels_env_var config field in the surfacers config.

Value of the environment variable should be a comma separated list of key=value pairs. For example if CLOUDPROBER_ADDITIONAL_LABELS is set to app=ingester,env=prod, cloudprober will add the following two labels to all the metrics: {env=prod, app=ingester}.

This feature is particularly useful in a multi-single-tenant setup (where you run one instance per tenant) to filter out metrics by tenant. For example, you can add tenant=team1 label to all cloudprober metrics by setting CLOUDPROBER_ADDITIONAL_LABELS=tenant=team1 in team1’s pod’s environment.

Note that existing probe labels have precedence over environment based labels. If probe metrics already have a label (e.g. dst), and you try to add the same label through this method, it will be silently ignored.

See Exporting Metrics to learn more about how metrics are exported from Cloudprober.